Thursday, April 7, 2011

Assignment: Blog Entry #3

For your blog this week, choose one of the following approaches to use to respond to this week's reading (chs 15-22) in To Kill a Mockingbird. At the bottom, I have made a video explaining things further. Post your response in your blog.
Your answer should be 250-300 words long (no more than 400 words, please!) and should be proofread. If you choose the ARTISTIC option, please just write a couple of sentences explaining the meaning behind your creation; you do not have the same word requirement, since your effort will go into your artistic creation.
To qualify for an A, include at least one passage from the text in your writing or as a "preface" to lead into your writing.
To submit your assignment, click EDIT MY SUBMISSION and paste a copy of your blog post.

Blog Entry:
" Judge Taylor broke in. “He’s answered the question three times, Atticus. He didn’t call a doctor.” "

I was sitting there, in the court room. Things hadn't really started yet. I remember observing the people and surroundings around me. I noticed that Mr. Tate had dressed in a normal suit, it made him look different from the normal boots, jacket, and vest, that he wore. I couldn't see my family, I wasn't even sure if they were there. I sat at a table, my back faced to everyone.
"I asked her who hurt her and she said that it was Tom Robinson..." At this, I noticed that Judge Taylor looked slightly different then he did before. I still listened to the speaker of the moment, and then, a question was directed at me, from Judge Taylor. "Any questions, Atticus?" I leaned back in my chair, and replied with a yes. I then directed a question at the Sheriff. "Did you call a doctor, Sheriff? Did anyone call a doctor?" He replied with a no. I wasn't sure to believe it or not, so I asked again. "Didn't call a doctor?" and he confirmed again. "No, Sir". Slightly annoyed, I asked another question. "Why not?" I then varied my question a bit, but trying to verify that he infact didn't call a doctor, when Judge Taylor broke in, telling me he had already answered the question three times, and clearly, had not called a doctor.
The trial continued, and I asked more questions, got more answers, had some slight confusions, trying to defend what I went there to defend as best I could. There where times, where I would think about asking a question, and decide against it, and then I would wonder if I should have or not.

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