Sunday, January 29, 2012

Friendship and trust.

I am generally not a very trusting person, and there are one, maybe two people that I trust with my secrets. I wouldn't trust anyone with a million dollars, because that is a LOT of money that I just wouldn't want to let out of my sight. The few people who I do trust, they've been around me long enough and haven't told anyone anything that I have told them in confidence. The people who I trust, I've also been trustworthy to them, so it's a mutual thing. You can't trust someone if they don't trust you, because if they don't trust you, they have no reason to do what you do and run off telling your secrets.

There are a lot of people who I trust with little things, and they're people I've never even met. I trust these people because I know that they won't judge me, and they have no one to tell my secrets to and it won't start any gossip.

I believe that you can have a good friendship without trust, it just would be one that you know wouldn't last forever, because the only thing that you have to build on it is the fact that you guys can find one thing in common, like a tv show, and that's really all you can talk about. You can still have a good time with a person you don't trust, you just don't have to tell them something that you do not want to get out.