Friday, February 3, 2012

Free writing: It had been raining for a week

It had been raining for a week. The entire week that he had been gone. That he’d left her there alone, with his mother and daughter. It wasn’t like she was complaining, though. She loved his family. They were friends, well, they were family. She’d lived in the loft with his family for almost three months now, they’ve been together for six months officially, and three years before that unofficially. After everything they had been through, all the dangerous chases, the gun shots, the almost dying, even the hiding themselves in relationships with other people because they were too afraid to admit that they were in fact in love with each other, they finally decided to give it a go.
She brushed her long, brown hair back into a high pony tail before pulling on her white tennis shoes and black jacket. She looked herself over in the floor length mirror on the back of the bathroom door before grabbing her phone which was in the plastic holster and sliding it on her upper arm, below her jacket. She plugged her headphones in with difficulty, wondering why she had decided to put her jacket on before she put her music on.
When she finally got it set up and playing her music in her ears, she wrote a quick note on the counter to let the other people who lived in the loft know that she was out for a run, without her keys, so to not lock the door if they left so that she could get back inside.
She walked down the stairs quickly, looking out the door at the pouring rain before she set foot outside, picking up speed in the near empty streets of new york. As the song “The Beginning” played into her ears, she couldn’t help but smile after the initial confusion came across her. The song wasn’t upbeat like the rest of the music on her running Pandora station, but she liked it. It was something that fit her relationship perfectly. Three years. It took three years for one of them to admit their feelings, and months after that for her to finally admit that she had heard him, that she loved him, too.
She let her mind wander back to their first date. He took her to a nice resturaunt in Manhattan. She remembers that she wore a knee length red-dress, that had a black belt around the center, with a pair of her signature black heels. She assumed that Alexis, or even Laine had told him her plan for a red and black dress, because he showed up in a black shirt, dark blue jeans and a red-tie. It was one of the rare times that he wore jeans, but it looked nice. She liked the look on him.
She stopped on the edge of the curb, jogging in place as she waited to cross the street. For her entire run, she didn’t pay attention to where she was, her mind was elsewhere. Thinking about other things, now when she was almost back and needed to cross the street once more, she realizes that she misses him more than she thought she did. And it’s only been a week.
She crosses the street at a fast-walking pace, her sweater getting heavy due to the fact that it is soaked, but she tries to keep up her normal running pace. It’s slightly difficult, but she manages. Her breathing is getting heavy, ber feet, too. She wants to cut her run short, instead of running around the block a second time, she decided to just ruin up to the front of the building.
She looks down at the ground, as she walks up the stairs and opens the front door, not paying attention, and not noticing that someone is standing there talking to the door man.. until she runs into him. She’s soaked from her run, so naturally she’s embarrassed.

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